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The Ideal Electrical Design Software

  • Compliance with BS 7671:2018+A2:2022
  • Harmonized with IEC 60364
  • Fast and friendly user interface
  • Satisfies the needs of the industry standards
  • Accurate and interactive calculations and checks
  • Protective Devices Discrimination Study
  • Automatically layout schematics
  • Use custom symbols in any part of the network
  • CAD-based drawing mode
  • Detailed and comprehensive calculation reports
  • Exports report in pdf and schematics in Dxf/Dwg
  • Add-on Plan Design module available
  • Add-on Arc Flash Study based on IEEE 1584 standard
  • Add-on Autodesk Revit Synchronization
  • Add-on UK Forms 18th Edition Certification
  • Remote support and updates through the internet
  • Electricity Authority of Cyprus Approved [Approval Document]
  • CIBSE SVA Approved: [SVA Certificates]

ElectricalOM features:


ElectricalOM is a powerful electrical design software that performs all the necessary calculations and checks in accordance with BS7671 (Harmonized with IEC 60364 and HD 384).

Fast and Friendly

The electrical network is modelled as a tree structure giving to the user the ability to copy & paste, drag & drop circuits easily in the same or other projects.


Various calculation reports are available. Also a bill of quantities report can be created with a user defined pricelist of the materials to estimate the cost of the electrical installation modelled.

Extensive Database & Support

The electrical designer can choose from a large database of protective devices, cables and final circuits. Automatic updates through the internet and remote TeamViewer support are supported.


During designing, the distribution boards are automatically arranged for maximum productivity. The user can modify the position and the orientation of each distribution circuit by moving it or applying rotations.

Interactive Environment

During the electrical design ElectricalOM acts interactively and indicates to the user useful information and calculations.

Plan Design Add-on

Create electrical plan design drawings and collect from them information for the circuit calculations such as cable lengths and installation points per circuit.

Protective devices discrimination study

ElectricalOM checks all the protective devices in the electrical installation and warns the engineer about problems discovered during overcurrent and earth fault discrimination study. This is done using the devices Time-Current curves or manufacturer’s specific data.

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